Antibody Cloning Service

Any format, any isotype, any species.

Service Description

We provide high-quality cloning service for your antibody in the format that best suit your needs: scFv, scFv-Fc fusions, Fab, Fab’2, full-length IgG and more. Switch variants and chimeric antibodies can be produced in varied isotypes of the species of your choice, including human IgM, IgA, IgG1, IgG3 and IgG4 with either kappa or lambda light chain and mouse equivalents. More specialized constructions are welcome such as Fc or albumin fusions and minibodies.

Cloning Formats

  • scFv. Single chain Fv (scFv) with any linker. The scFv can be made from synthetic DNA, generated during sequencing of your hybridoma cell line or simply made from a database accession number.
  • scFv-Fc Fusions. A convenient format to reproduce binding of the parent antibody with minimum loss of affinity, at best made using our scFv-Fc fusion platform.
  • Minibodies. scFv-CH3 fusions or minibodies use the CH3 domain for dimerization and have a small size, making them a good choice when tissue penetration and clearance are desired pharmacokinetic properties, e.g. for tumor imaging.
  • Fab fragments. The preferred format when monovalency is desired. Fab fragments can be rapidly expressed by mammalian transient transfection using our TGEX vector expression platform.
  • Full-Length IgG. Ideal for isotype switching and chimeric antibodies or simply making full-length recombinant antibodies from any variable domain sequences. Full-length IgG can be rapidly expressed by mammalian transient transfection using our TGEX vector expression platform.
  • Fc Mutations & Activity Modification. We can introduce the mutations of your choice in the Fc portion of the antibody molecule to modulate antibody function and clearance.
  • Fc Fusions. A convenient way to reach a target, retain antibody function and achieve long half life.
  • Albumin Fusions. Often used to increase the half life of circulating polypeptides.

Project Management

Collection of starting material

A hybridoma sequence (see our hybridoma sequencing service), a phage clone, a scFv or a Fab sequence, a sequence from your repository or simply a GenBank accession number is required to start the project.

Cloning & expression

The light chain and the heavy chain will be transferred in one of our expression vectors optimized for high level expression in the desired format; vectors for phage display are also available and custom vectors provided by the client can be accommodated as well. We will perform a thorough sequence analysis and decide in consultation with you the cloning strategy & final design. Existing DNA will be amplified by PCR, cloned in a standard vector and their sequence verified; otherwise the DNA sequence will be synthesized de novo as input sequence. The final sequence will be carefully confirmed in both orientations to ensure absence of frameshift. We offer customization with varied tags for assay detection, purification purposes or scaffolding by multimerization; tags for purification can be later removed by specific protease cleavage, depending on your purification schema. Depending on the recipient organism selected for expression or display, varied optimizations of codon usage, restriction site usage and RNA stability for improved expression can be applied.


  • Detailed project report.

  • Annotated sequences & sequencing traces.

  • Plasmid map of each construct.

  • Spin-column purified plasmid DNA for each construct with a certificate of analysis and package tracking (shipping charges apply).

Additional Services

Cost & Turnaround Time

Please ask for a custom quote. Expect rapid turnover; we combine cloning and expression on request.

Request Service


lease, request a specific quote by completing the online quotation form accessible by pressing the following button; you will be contacted back by the next business day.

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For all other inquiries, contact us by email at or by phone at 1-877-223-3104 (PST). We guarantee competitive pricing.

All our work is performed by highly experienced staff at our San Diego facility in California. We use highly efficient cloning techniques to ensure timely delivery and have very high standards for validation. All products and services are for research use only and are not intended for use in humans.

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