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Custom Immunized Phage Display Antibody Libraries

Published April 29, 2013

e now offer the design and building of antibody libraries from immunized animals as a service. You provide the antigen; we conduct the immunization, design and build the antibody library for you as a service. Phage display is a straightforward approach to isolate high affinity monoclonal antibodies from small, focused libraries build from immunized animals. These libraries are of moderate size, between 1 and 10 million clones and usually mirror the animal immune response; high affinity antibodies, similar to antibody generated by hybridoma technology, are isolated from them by straightforward selection techniques. We have extensive experience in building phage antibody libraries in varied formats and display types.

Custom Phage Display Peptide Libraries

Published April 11, 2013


e now offer the construction of custom phage display peptide libraries as a service. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, we are offering our expertise in the construction of peptide libraries on phage as a service for your research and development efforts. Your library will be designed with introduction of diversity precisely controlled and parameters that determine selection carefully chosen and finally build using robust methods to achieve the target size with limited loss of diversity.

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