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ADL is an emerging company in the field of recombinant antibodies. We are focusing on developing tools and kits to facilitate and streamline antibody development at every stage, including discovery, generation and engineering.


Multivalent Phage Display is often desirable to improve binding and increase the number of hits during panning. A simple way to achieve pentavalent display on gene III protein is to use a derivative of the replication-defective fd-tet vector (Science 1990, 249(4967):386-90). We have introduced a kanamycin resistance gene and a PelB sequence; learn more here.

In the Pipeline

Phage display is a solid and proven technology to develop new antibodies. We are in the process of developing a rich line of products which will include large choice of phagemid vectors, new helper phages and varied strains of bacteria to address the need of both newcomers and already experienced scientists. Learn more and find out our list of current products here.

Site News

  • Novel pIII-Defective Helper Phage
    May 08, 2015M13KO7d3 is a novel helper phage engineered for multivalent phage display. M13KO7d3 lacks a functional gene III and forces the display of pIII-fusion proteins expressed by the phagemid; learn more here.

  • Phage Competent Cells
    Apr 07, 2015Phage-Competentâ„¢ cells are concentrated stabilized bacterial cells with multiple applications in phage display. TG1 & SS320 are now available… Please inquire here

    • New Phagemids Mimic pCOMB3
      Nov 24, 2013The phagemid pADL-20 series has been upgraded with an expression level adjusted to match pCOMB3, a popular phagemid known for its robust display and moderate toxicity… Please inquire here


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