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ADL is an emerging company in the field of recombinant antibodies. We are focusing on developing tools and kits to facilitate and streamline antibody development at every stage, including discovery, generation and engineering.


Multivalent Phage Display is often desirable to improve binding and increase the number of hits during panning. You can use a derivative of the replication-defective fd-tet vector such as a fADL-1 to achieve pentavalent display on gene III protein; alternatively m13KO7d3 pIII-defective helper phage offers a simple way to implement multivalent display in your phagemid system.


In just a few years, Antibody Design Labs has become the leader in Phage display with more than 100 companies worldwide using our technology. We have built a robust line of products including royalty-free phagemids and helper phages. More products are under ways that will stun you. Learn more and find out here.

Site News

  • TGEX Vector Series
    Oct 01, 2015The TEGX™ vector series is designed for the rapid expression of antibody molecules in varied formats (IgG, Fab, Fc fusion) by transient gene expression in mammalian cell suspension culture.

  • In the news: Manabodies
    Aug 13, 2015In a ground breaking work, Skora et al. just published the isolation of manabodies using pADL-10b phagemid.


Defective Helper for Multivalent Display

M13KO7d3 Helper Phage

Control multivalency and improve panning using a pIII defective helper phage.


Antibody Expression

TGEX Vector Series

A robust and simple transient expression platform to make antibodies in multiple formats (IgG, Fab , Fc fusions) in just a few days.


Phage Conversion into scFv-Fc

Convert scFv into scFv-Fc fusions for rapid validation and bypass bacterial expression.


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